Wildlife Observation – Get Closer!

Observing wildlife in nature without causing disruption or disturbing the animals is a goal most outdoor enthusiasts have. Getting close to animals requires stealth, skill and experience gained over years of practice. So the question remains, how can you observe animals in the wild when it’s more than the noise you make that signals your presence? HECS® clothing and our technology can essentially shield you from wild animals.

Don’t be a Threat to Animals in the Wild

Wild animals typically sense that humans are a threat. It is this natural instinct that keeps them safe. Preventing wildlife from perceiving you as a threat is the best way to observe animals without disrupting their natural behavior. Since you cannot change how a wild animal reacts, your best option is to change the way you are perceived. 

The most memorable wildlife experiences you can have come from being able to observe an animal without disturbing them. It can take a lifetime of practice and still never perfect the art of being silent in nature. This is where HECS® gives you the ability to improve your chance of experiencing how animals act in their natural environment when they don’t feel threatened. 

Because our clothing captures your electrical emissions, you can reduce the stress of the wildlife you are watching. When an animal isn’t under stress, they can be approached easier allowing you an authentic interaction with nature. You also have the added advantage of leaving a smaller impact on that animal’s territory. HECS® provides you and wildlife with a level of protection that no other outdoor clothing can. 

Can HECS® Prevent Me from Being Detected in the Wild?

Training, time and high-powered equipment that costs a fortune cannot guarantee that you will accomplish what you want. HECS® wildlife clothing is the sensory barrier you need to get close enough to your objective and watch animals without being detected. Our outdoor clothing does more than help you blend into your surroundings; it actually camouflages you by blocking your electromagnetic radiation (EMRs). This means you can get closer to animals and wildlife to observe them in a more authentic experience. Your time spent in nature becomes more satisfying when you’re observing at a closer range knowing you’re not a disturbance to the animal’s well-being. 

HECS® wildlife observation apparel allows you to get closer to wildlife than you ever have and interact with nature in a whole new way. Our carbon fiber grid technology helps outdoor enthusiasts to be as unobtrusive as possible and minimize any disruption caused to the animals they are watching. Disrupting wildlife doesn’t only make it challenging for observation reasons, it can be incredibly disastrous for the animals. 

A Little Bit About Our Technology

Our team of researchers and scientists have gained an understanding of the science of animals. The focus has been on how all animals, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, live and interact within their environment through their highly developed ability to sense and see electromagnetic patterns. All animals use more than their sight, sense of smell and hearing to interact with their surroundings, so wearing camouflage clothing just isn’t enough. Any outdoor enthusiast looking to have an authentic and amazing experience while spending time in nature needs to shield the electrical energy they emit because this energy is what identifies a person as a threat to the animals.  By preventing this energy from escaping you can get closer to wildlife and have a true one-of-a-kind experience.  

A Little Bit About HECS® Clothing

Our apparel has our EMR-blocking technology woven into the fabric. We use a lightweight carbon fiber, so our clothes are breathable and durable. HECS®  clothing is comfortable and easy to wear. We have created the most effective gear that is suitable to wear anytime you want to head outside and hike, camp, indulge your passion for wildlife photography or just spend time in the wilderness. 

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