Hear What the Experts Have to Say About HECS®

Some of the greatest wildlife experts have developed and tested our clothing and stealthscreens. Learn more about our products and what the experts have to say.

Expert-Approved to Get You Closer Than Ever

HECS® Stealthscreen fans include a wide array of global professionals including filmmakers, photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, spear fishermen, hunters, and wildlife/marine biologists. Getting ultra-close to wildlife and staying safe while doing so is an essential part of their mission – all know the HECS® advantage first hand. They’d all have one question for you: Why aren’t you utilizing HECS® Stealthscreen technology, too?

With hundreds of thousands of units sold, HECS® technology is now considered a “must have” technology for anyone who needs to get close and stay undetected by animals.


It’s HECS® in the Wild

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