Camo Clothing for Wildlife Photography

HECS® camouflage clothing was designed for wildlife photographers to improve the opportunities they have in nature pursuing their passion. Filming and photographing wildlife is a gratifying pastime that connects people with nature and produces images that everyone can enjoy. Wildlife photography has an enthusiastic following of not only novice and professional photographers, but with the art community and animal lovers as well. HECS® camo clothing can provide photographers of all capabilities an added edge when it comes to capturing the perfect shot because it lets the wearer approach wildlife without detection.

Wildlife Photography Clothing – Camouflage that Works!

Some of the best wildlife photographic experiences come from being able to get up close to an animal and not disrupt a thing. It can take a lot of time and practice perfecting the ability to get close enough to an animal in its natural habitat just to get a glimpse, let alone capture their image with your camera. And even with all the effort, training, and high-powered lenses, you can still miss the perfect shot. Having the right equipment gives an added edge that will improve your ability to get close enough to wildlife to photograph them without affecting their peace or natural habitat. HECS® wildlife photography clothing is the advanced equipment that does more than help you blend into your surroundings. It truly camouflages you by blocking your electromagnetic radiation (EMRs), enabling you to get up close to animals and wildlife for better shots. Your time outdoors in nature can be much more satisfying and you can take better photographs when you’re closer to the subject.

Our camouflage clothing is perfect for wildlife photographers and filmmakers as it allows you to get closer to your subject without disturbing them. HECS® gear is flexible, comfortable and made from breathable fabric that has our patented faraday technology woven into the fiber. This special feature, which is part of all the HECS® clothing line, separates us from all other outdoor clothing on the market. Our patented technology blocks your EMR output and minimizes an animal’s ability to detect you. Whatever habitat and climate you’re shooting in, our suits can be worn as a base layer, on its own, or as a shell.

How HECS® The Best Camo for WIldlife PhotographersScience Can Improve Your Photographs 

Does HECS® wildlife photography camo clothing work? Absolutely, and we have the science and experiences to prove it. Muscle movements produce electrical energy radiation. This energy is called EMR. A person’s EMR output is different from that of animals, making it highly detectable by animals. It is the EMR output that inhibits any person’s ability to approach a wild animal without startling it. HECS® is the only technology available on the market that blocks your energy and prevents wildlife from sensing your presence. We have patented the technology and created a highly conductive interlocking carbon fiber grid specifically designed to block your electromagnetic radiation. This grid is woven directly into all HECS® fabrics. The result is a lightweight, breathable and durable fabric that provides the most effective clothing for getting closer to wildlife and animals to capture that perfect shot. We make wildlife photography camouflage apparel.

The sixth sense that animals possess allows them to register your EMR output, and even the most skilled photographer or outdoor enthusiast can struggle getting close enough to their subject matter before the animal is alerted to their presence and reacts. Professional photographers share their experiences where they’ve done everything possible to approach their wildlife subjects without being noticed and the animals have picked up on their presence and ran away. Oftentimes, the desire is to be undetectable by animals.

Why is it so difficult to get so close to them? This sixth sense all animals have is their best level of protection from being preyed upon. This attribute is even more apparent when it comes to observing and taking pictures of wildlife. Even when you mask your scent and wear camouflage, hide behind a blind, and employ every trick in the book to silently observe animals, you’re still exposed because of the EMR you produce. So, do you find yourself asking, what can I do about it?

At HECS®, we design and create outdoor clothing with patented Faraday cage technology incorporated in the fabric that helps block the EMR you emit. You’ll be able to get closer while you’re photographing or filming when you are wearing HECS® wildlife photography camo clothing. Whether worn as a base layer, alone, or as an outer shell, wildlife enthusiasts love our unique apparel because you’ll be able to observe wildlife in a natural way without disrupting the behavior of the animals. Instead of stressing out your subjects and causing unwanted reactions, the animals will act as if you aren’t there, providing you with an authentic interaction and better photographs.

Make HECS® WIldlife Photography Camo Part of Your Equipment

As we understand more about how animals pick up on EMRs, we have better insights about how we can use that knowledge to create better experiences in nature. These authentic interactions that don’t disturb the animals and stress them out, are what a wildlife photographer and filmmaker crave.

Scent concealment and masking can aid you in your endeavor, but this may cause a negative reaction in other animals that are sensitive to the scent you’ve chosen. We understand the lengths photographers and filmmakers go to for the perfect shot to guarantee the best footage, so there are many factors to consider when trying to avoid detection and create a more natural experience, significantly improving your opportunity for wildlife photography.

HECS® wildlife photography apparel provides you with a full range of motion, so movement is easy. Our gear is comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear. Since it is not bulky or cumbersome, it’s perfect to wear as a base layer, an outer shell or alone. HECS® three-piece suit comes complete with a shirt, pants and head cover, all of which feature an electrically conductive carbon grid woven into the base cloth. This unique feature shields your body’s electrical radiation from being detected by animals and allows you to get closer to the wildlife you’re photographing.

The Perfect Wildlife Photography Clothing – Hidden in Plain Site

Patience is the name of the game when it comes to photographing animals. No matter the subject you are observing, animals are going to behave like animals, and at the slightest provocation or disturbance will most likely react. The best photographs come when you’re there, ready, waiting with the right equipment prepared to take the shot. Photographing wildlife can take even longer than other animals because it is more difficult to locate them in the wild. An animal’s natural habitat can be the biggest hindrance that prevents you from taking the perfect picture. HECS®wildlife photography camouflage gives you the added advantage of proximity, allowing you the closer perspective necessary to capture the nuances and details every wildlife photographer hunts for with their subject of choice.

We have designed HECS® wildlife photography camouflage clothing to make you a more proficient photographer and to improve your experience, no matter what you’re filming. You can make better use of your time because you remain undetected and can approach your subjects easily. However, HECS® isn’t just for professional wildlife photographers and filmmakers. Wildlife enthusiasts can benefit from HECS® photography apparel too. We continue to conduct in-depth research on the behaviors of animals and their ability to sense and detect EMR. Our research also includes the result of how animals react around humans when HECS® apparel is worn, and we use this to improve our products. The best way for photographing wildlife in their natural surroundings is to be there with them and remain undetected. HECS® provides you with an improved experience with wildlife by shielding your EMR output from animals.

HECS® Apparel is Perfect for Novice Photographers Too!

The best pictures are not always taken with the largest lens, most expensive camera, or by the most skilled photographer. Sometimes the most impressive shots are lucky ones that are well executed, regardless of the photographer’s skill set. Imagine how much better your photo shoots could be if you were not only able to blend into your surroundings and go unseen but stay undetectable as well. HECS® wildlife photography clothing goes beyond camouflage and helps remove you from the awareness of the animals you are observing. Our technology allows you to get closer to your subject than you ever imagined and capture them on film.

Shop our online showroom and include HECS® apparel in your photographic equipment. See how your pictures improve when you can get closer to wildlife.

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