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Our technology puts you in the middle of the action, not watching from the sidelines.

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How Do I Get Closer to Nature?

Getting closer to wildlife without disturbing the animals seems to be the goal every outdoor enthusiast has. After years of wanting the same thing, we have created a solution with our wildlife photography camouflage clothes. HECS® technology blocks the energy humans put off, preventing animals from sensing your electrical presence and reducing any impact on the animals.

Scientific studies have found that animals, birds, and fish are able to sense extreme low-frequency electromagnetic energy. Because many creatures can sense the naturally occurring energy fields put off by all living beings, we realized that by blocking that energy wildlife became approachable. So, whether you are looking for wildlife photography camouflage clothes or hunting gear to get you closer to your prey, HECS® technology has you covered.

HECS® Technology in Our Outdoor Gear

Wildlife Photography Clothing

HECS® Technology is based on the “Faraday Cage” principle, which is an enclosure made of a conductive mesh material that blocks electrical radiation by channeling the electricity throughout the mesh. HECS® technology is designed to prevent animals from detecting you. It uses a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid specifically created to block your electrical energy radiation. Our birdwatching camo clothing and wildlife photography gear can help you get that perfect shot. The fabric we use to create our camouflage clothes is durable as well as breathable and lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down while you are exploring the outdoors. An additional benefit to our high-tech EMR-blocking camo clothing is that all our garments are machine washable.

The Best Way to Experience Nature

Electrical energy shielding clothing is revolutionary and enhances the experiences that photographers, researchers and animal handlers can have with their wild subjects. HECS® camouflage technology gear won’t eliminate your scent, eradicate the noises you make, or prevent animals from seeing your movement. Our outdoor clothing blocks the body’s natural electrical output so the wearer appears more like a non-threatening inanimate object.

There is a significant advantage to utilizing our camo clothing when working with captive animals too, because they behave in a more natural and less stressed way, which improves animal husbandry tactics.

See HECS® Tech in Action

As seen on Animal Planet, Nat Geo, the Discovery Channel, and most recently History Channel with Face the Beast puts HECS® technology into action – showing just how close our products let you get to nature.

HECS® holds 5 issued U.S. patents and multiple foreign patents. Our technology has been proven effective and has been fully vetted by experts since 2010.

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The concept of electrical energy shielding as it applies to humans and wildlife is revolutionary. Given the incredible experiences that photographers, researchers and animal handlers like you have already had, we know wearing HECS® will change the way you see animals and the way that they see you!